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CU Chapel

Recently, CU Chapel got some big upgrades. 12 Chauvet Maverick MK1, 6 Rogue R-1 Beam Wash, Global Truss, Chauvet front spots, Panasonic AQ-UE150WPJ PTZ, AW-RP150GJ Controller, AG-CX350 4K Camcorder. Been able to make a more modern atmosphere in the room, while also being more intentional toward our remote audience.

3Trees Campbellsville

Project Idea stared in December of 2019. I was helping out a new install for A/V equipment in the recital hall at Campbellsville University. Originally, there was a 7ft standing rack that was replaced by a wall mount rack for more storage space in the closet it was going. It was over kill for what was needed to go back into the rack. I was able to get it and donate it to 3Trees Campbellsville. May-early June was a big project to do for mostly myself and one other serve team member. It took 3 weeks to combine 2 racks that were sitting underneath the control desk and turn them into one big rack sitting in front of the conduit box. We stripped, re-soldered, and terminated just about every line. We also added a conduit going to the control desk for SDI, XLR, and USB. No lines going across the wall on the floor. Used the current one inch conduit going under the control desk for all new ethernet lines. 

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